We are back with Episode #69! Why Should You Major in Computer Science?

Hi everyone, and sorry for the delay.  After our brief hiatus, we should be back to weekly podcasts!

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Episode 69 Coming Soon!

Sorry everyone for the delay!  I know we usually post on Tuesdays but I have had some computer difficulties and hopefully Episode #69, called “Should I major in Computer Science?” will be online tomorrow.

Interview with Joe Armstrong

At Erlang Factory San Francisco, Zach spent a few minutes interviewing Joe Armstrong, co-inventor of Erlang.  As always, we apologize for the quality of these interviews and the background noise.

Download Link: https://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/joe-armstrong.mp3

068 Types

Sorry about that!  Audacity crashed on me and I had to redo the whole thing! 😦 This isn’t going to be as polished as usual because I wanted to hurry up and get it online.

Download Link: https://mostlyerlang.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/mostly_erlang_68_types-done.mp3


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