052 – Erlang in Anger

Ever have a system go strange on you, or fall down under load? Erlang has some amazing tools to try and debug these cases. Regular panelist Fred joins us to talk about his new book “Erlang in Anger” and his recon library. With these you will be in good shape to debug a system in production without breaking it more.



Erlang comes with its own datastores ETS and Mnesia. These store Erlang terms directly so you don’t have to map your data into SQL types. They can also be used to create databases in Memory or on disk or both, this can lead to blindingly fast distrubted systems

We speak to Claus about how Mnesia was created and why. We also talk about when it is a good fit to use Mnesia for data storage and when it would not be.

If you are considering what data storage engine to use for your next project listen to this first.


  • ETS – Erlang term Storage
  • Mnesia
  • Ecto